a project by the dancer André Soares in collaboration with the sound and visual artist João Bento
and the artist Rita Westwood

About this Work 
What is a human? What is human in being?
What is being in human? What is being?


[pause] It is an experience that emerges upon and with an open me (us). I use the word ‘magic’ for kin experiences — it is like a visceral blow to the whole body

to be alive. It is a deeply relational opening to life. I notice the unnameable as a fertile field in which to engage with the invisible as visible. How do imaginations become matter? What is matter? What matters? To sustain

experiences that resize one’s body [spirit] with an undeniable sense of beingness, unfolding provisory and endless processes that I claim as weather-beings. Fantastic creatures, invisible anatomies, worlds, auras, spells and sensuousness, #beings-in-contact that (re)claim, reform, and redraw reality as matter and beyond. #Beings-in-contact as possibilities for subtle/ethical dimensions to emerge (multiple-intra-beings), keen to interact tactfully with each other, but that are (always) in relation. Sensory affect also generates aesthetical dimensions. What I imagine affects my physiology.