Love (universe) and our relations (engagement) with-it/kin-to, may work like this;
... Iⁿ(we) get dreams/visions, then emotional messages and impulses; which I(we) can listen to via my(our) instinct... ie; this person does not feel right for me anymore, this life path, this job, this flat, this way of thinking etc.
When one gets this feeling, this is a great time to work/move and take action/change_trans-form, to get in touch with.
If I (we) don't trust/touch, the messages will come into my(our) body and cause pain, anxiety, depression, segregation. The being gets called! This is when I(we) am(are) invited even more to make a change_ to unfold life, to hug/embrace. If I(we) keep resisting or neglecting after ignoring my(our) instinct and the messages my(our) being_ body/soul knows deep down needs to happen but I(we) am(are) fearful to jump, to fall, to risk, to do, to become, then the 'macro/micro cosmos' will make/develop a crisis to force/take me(us) to change, to trans-form, to love again.
(that is when the 'messages' become physical/ symptoms and have the highest possibility to cause major chaos/suffering in life)
I(we) work/am/practice best when I(we) can attune with/into my (our) instinct_gut feeling and dance/do/make change before it enters from spiritual to mental and then physical and take responsibility before my(our) physical world forces me(us) to. Weatherbbeings are resilient and benevolent to transformations_other wor(l)ds.
There/here/with-in are ultimately no negatives here/there/with-out ; the cosmos/organism/being/weather/seasons/landscape is(are) in constant change of death and rebirth... it is just a choice/click/contact for all of us(me) on how long and how much we(I) have to suffer before we(I) listen to our(my) inner guidance system/beingness and face/relate our(my) fears and learn the lessons we(I) need to learn in this life and grow as spiritual beings in human form.
To re-form. To re-love. To re-member. To re-trans-form.

WeatherBeings dimensions/space:
self aware dimension (fire - intentional energy_alive)
sensual dimension (earth - physical senses_pleasure)
intellectual dimension (air - thought_will)
“home” dimension (water - the nurturing of a womb_species)
inner child dimension (fire - raw energy_wonder)
physical_order dimension (earth - physical awareness_body and organism)
partner dimension (air - love and merging dimensions_relation)
subconscious_secret dimension (water - the unseen physical_dreams)
philosophical dimension (fire - explorative energy/consciousness)
conscious dimension (earth - physical action)
universal dimension (air - expansion into oneness)
non-physical_chaos dimension (water - the non physical)..

© André Soares